Jul 25

Domain for sale $10k firm.

Jun 29

send me an offer, cash or something in trade?  bill@williamjones.com

ps – lawyers, politicians, etc have made lame ass offers, be serious!

Jan 17

Suprising?  Shocking?  No, not really, they got beat, simple, those were my picks but I am very much surprised.  My picks for next week are the Vikings and the Jets, that would be on hell of a super bowl!

Jan 16

Hi there, I am going to try to post often, even meaningless stuff.  I am very tired of ready about the privacy issues with Facebook, Myspace, Classmates, etc, etc.  I will be deleting my accounts on EVERY social networking site in the coming days.  Thank you for visiting, I welcome any and all suggestions to make this space better.  Take care!